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LANCE '80 

Erie, Pennsylvania 
Vol. 29 

.' I 

DECEMBER 19, 1979 




■ i "-j;.:-.. ■ 








Wr 3* 



i*+ *« 




*-»w *> 

1>S ^* • 

• — '* 




2 Opening 

18 Student Life 

40 Frats 

38 Clubs, Organizations 

78 Sports 
108 Faculty 
154 Seniors 
194 Ads 
208 Closing 


Presque Isle Dreamin' 14 

New U in town 16 

Annie and Charles 140 

Erie Bars 33 

Dr. Freeman 110 

Thomas Barringer 111 

Leaving G.U. 161 


vr 11 

I here's some! hing ,ih\ e in I hen 

ileged ( iannon students beg foi .ilms 
io tin. propi I I ll ithi 

Senior sees no evil. 

Why are these students smiling? 

Student performs frontal lobotomy on radical octupus. 

"just hand over your share of the rent, and you can come back and sleep in 
your own bed." 

Isle Dreamin' 

by Dave Schultz 


Here I am again. And here he is again. He's ready to 

give another hour's worth of notes and obtuse lectures. 

But no way am I ready to pay attention, let alone take 

notes. God, it's 80 degrees outside. The sun is shining, 

there's a nice breeze and . . . what am I doing here? 

I should be out at the beach. 

Maybe that's what you think in the spring, when you 

have to endure your last classes of the semester before 

May, when you can spend your days in the sun. Or 

maybe that's what you think in the fall when you realize 

that another summer is gone, and you will have to wait 

another year to loaf on the sand. Or maybe you think 

about it all year long. 




. - „ ll) _ tL - ^wMMttM«m_ 


It may not be California, but Presque Isle State Park has 
seven miles of the most beautiful beaches in the area. 
With spring finals comes summer and, for many, making 
the trek to the peninsula at every possible chance. Once 
you pass the "Welcome to Presque Isle" sign and get 
surrounded by trees, water, bikers, runners, swimmers 
and sand, sand, sand, it seems like you're in a faraway 
place. Summer should be a time for sleeping late, lying 
on sand, getting tan, and, basically, taking it easy. You 
may not accomplish much in those four months, but it 
doesn't really matter. There is plenty of time to 
accomplish things while you're in class for the other 
eight months. And once you graduate and become a full- 
fledged member of the work force, you will be trying to 
accomplish things, endlessly. 

Summer is a great time to truly enjoy life and forget the 
mundane aspects of school and work. And after a fun 
summer is over, you'll have some great memories. 

Nothing can make you appreciate those lazy, hazy, 
razy days of summer more than a frigid Erie winter. 

All the leaves are brown 
and the sky is gray 
I went for a walk 
on a winter's day 

I'd be safe and warm 
If I was in L.A. 
California Dreamin' 
on such a winter's day 

If I didn't tell her 
I could leave today 
California Dreamin' 
on such a winter's day 

"California Dreamin' " by Mamas and Papas. 
Music and Lyrics by John Philips and 
Michelle Giliam. 1973 Roulette Records, 


nserl this needle inln the knee and drain mil ,ill Ihr fluid 



I have serious doubts about drinking this purple 
koolaid they're serving . . . 

Say what? 



New U in town 

by Dave Schultz 

Back in the early depression years, the headmaster of Erie's Cathedral Prep school was concerned that the 
students he was preparing for higher education could not get into the nation's colleges and universities. 

It wasn't that they weren't smart enough. They just didn't have the money. 

And so in 1933, while Erie Diocese bishop, John Mark Gannon was in Europe, Prep headmaster 
Monsignor Joseph Wehrle established Cathedral College as a two year extension of St. Vincent's College in 
Latrobe, Pennsylvania. 

There wasn't much fanfare for this new college and anyone who had any sense probably thought starting 
a college during the depression years was doomed to fail. 

But the fact that Gannon has continued to the point where it was named a University by the 
Pennsylvania Department of Education is a tribute to the early backers of the institution. They watched it 
grow into a four year Gannon School of Arts and Sciences (in cunjunction with Villa Maria College) in 
1941, and then into Gannon College in 1944. 

When Pennsylvania governor Richard Thornburgh announced that the school had the right to use the 
name "University" — to an overflow crowd it was a memorial to everyone who refused to give up on 

The college kept going even in the rough times, like the time in 1943 when all but 35 of Gannon's 250 
students were drafted. And, more recent, was the financial crisis of the early 1970's when officials had 
trouble getting the school budget out of the red. 

Thornburgh's announcement was also the culmination of the one and one half years of planning that 
went into Gannon's application for status change. 

It all started during the summer of 1978 when Gannon officials began holding meetings to prepare to 
make an application for university status to the Department of Education. 

Meetings on status and structure change became commonplace on campus with administrators, faculty 
and students getting input into what would be changed if the college became a university. Also of concern 
was what argument Gannon would use to justify the change in status. 

Gannon decided that the institution already had the qualities of a medium-sized liberal arts university, 
and university status and structure would allow it to better serve it's students and the community. 

After an evaluation committee judged that Gannon should be a university, eight task forces and 
committees were organized to write and revise a university transition document. 

The inch-thick document stated what would happen to Gannon if it became a university. 

Once the school board of trustees drafted the document if was sent to Harrisburg as part of the 
application for status change, and two weeks later Governor Thornburgh came to Gannon to tell the 
audience that all the work was not in vain. 

In )anuary, the divisions of Humanities, Business, and Science and Engineering, and the graduate program 
were renamed colleges, starting the process of school revisions that will continue for the next couple years. 



i fr'-fi ! 18? annon University 

J Ml}'' i| PERRY SQUARE • ERIE. PENNSYLVANIA • 16541 • (814) 871-7220 

m- ^ 


llil:. :■ 

Gannon's newly designed stationery and logo made it's debut in December 

Dr. Scottino and Gov. Thornburgh discuss U-Status at press conference 

Governor Thornburgh meets with crowd following 

The first sign to go up following U-Status was this 
on Gannon's front lawn 


f \ \Lu& 




Dancing and Drinking at G.U. 

though Cannon now has the same initials 
Georgetown University, our school hardly 
tomes close to having the number of happenings 
that a um\ersit\ student in the nation's capital 
can experience. Downtown Erie is no D.C. But 
ii - no Crassflats either. 

In addition to the usual dorm and commuter 
activities, students can usually tmd something to 
occupy their time and keep from studying too 
much — if not on campus, then in downtown 

There are coffeehouses, plays, speakers, 
movies (films for the patricians, Rocky Horror 
Picture Show for the plebeians), concerts (well, 
one actually. Gannon's first in four years), 
dances, and bars b.irs, bars, bars. 



Resident/Commuter Life 



Kim Woodhead, Cannon College's 
last Homecoming Queen, and 


escort, Jay Habas. '•■:"; 



'That's a really good joke, Dr. Scottino! 

r '* **■ 

■■r -^ ^H 


'^^'V ; 



\ \ Jas 


y ?■ ^^^^ 


The Roval Hunt of the Sun, Spring '80 



I I I L_/\ I l\L / -/ WW Cannon Theatre Experimental One-Acts 

I Remembei Mama, Kill 1979 


Royal Hunt of the Sun 

Royal Hunt of the Sun 


Open Campus 

Repellers conquer Mount Zurn. 




'Whdt do you mean, where's the i ampus? You're 

looking .ii ii !" 





University Festival 

g^ Y F ^A 


^5 - NbM^ 

The year 1979 marks the one hundredth anniversity 
of the birth of this century's most creative scientist, 
Albert Einstein, who was born in Ulm, Germany on 
March 14, 1879. The international academic commu- 
nity has designated March 14, 1979 — March 14, 
1980 as the Einstein Centennial Year. 

Symposia dealing with Einstein's life and scientific 
accomplishments have been held at leading univer- 
sities throughout the world. Gannon was proud to 
be one of the institutions participating in the cele- 
bration or Einstein's centennial and designated the 
second University Festival '79 as the Einstein Cen- 
tennial Festival. 


University Fever 

"Oh, we just hate posed shots 


Dance Marathon 

If we flap our arms real hard maybe we can take off!" 


Telethon VI 

["hanks to the efforts of students and the generousity 
of alumni this years telethon raised $53,175 for 

Gannon University. 




J 2 








Bars, Bars, Bars 

by Dave Schultz 

"What's this place like?" he asks, wondering if he looks 


"Ah, they never card here," his friend reassures. 

Who cares if they don't have Gennie Cream Ale, or if the 

ke box has lousy tunes? First you have to get in. You 

ther look 21 or have cards that say you are. Or you learn 

hich bars card and which ones don't. 

There is a wide variety from which to choose. Erie has 

ore bars, taverns, inns, pubs, lounges, saloons, discos, 

jgouts, cafes, clubs, cantinas, grills' wharfs and "places" 

hich serve all legal beverages than most cities its size. 

That does not necessarily mean that Erie is a town full of 

unks. It is, however, a city with four colleges, the students 

which need to do something for fun between classes and 
There are plenty of things to do in Erie, but going to a bar 

relatively cheap, you can meet all sorts of people, you 
n arrive and leave anytime you want and the different 
mospheres that the various drinking establishments have 
e unique and inimitable. Bars are not simply created. They 
3 molded — molded through a combination of architec- 
re, decor, neighborhood and clientelle. 
"The Friendly Tavern" and "Doc's" are both busy places, 
ually with wall to wall people on a Saturday night, 
endly's tends to attract an older, more sedate crowd, 
ough, and just about everyone sits at a table. At Doc's the 
Dwd is younger, almost everyone stands and the juke box 
back-logged by at least a dozen songs. 
Juke boxes are a good way to judge a bar. When you walk 

into the "Twelfth Street Tavern" and are greeted by Waylon 
Jennings and Roger Williams, you don't have to see the 
flock of cowboy hats to know it's a country and western 

When places like the defunct "Altadonna'a" don't have a 
dj spinning disco platters for all the would-be John Trav- 
oltas dancing the poot, then there are disco songs pumping 
out of the juker. 

"Sullivan's", with its green walls and green beer (on St. 
Patty's Day), naturally has about ten Irish ballads on the 
juke box. And yes, Bing Crosby will croon Turra Lurra Lurra 
for a quarter. 

Checking the graffiti is another way to judge a bar. If you 
want a clean alcoholic libation vending emporium, you'd 
probably like the bar that has a chalkboard in the men's 
room (I don't know about the women's room) for the 
writing of words of wisdom. Most bars have only the rest 
room walls for their clientelle's creative expression. If the 
walls get saturated with graffiti, some bar owners will paint 
over the mess. Others simply wait for the plaster to fall off. 

And bars with little writing and doodling on the rest room 
walls are obviously frequented by customers with all the 
creativity and derring-do of a Mr. Milquetoast. 

Another reason for picking a certain bar is its proximity to 
other bars. If you get bored at some places, it's only a short 
stagger to another bar (and maybe to some more interesting 

"What the Hell," you might say as you leave a real dive, 
"As long as we're in the neighborhood ..." 







Alpha Gamma Delta 

First row: L Washkow, L Reed, L. Harper, D. Vlahos 
Second row: H. Ludwig, K. Hook, |. Renton, L. 


First row: R. Simone, T. Freeman, C. Nevell, R. McKis-.ii k. 
Second row: |, Carravella, W. Probst, L Sorg, K. Wilson, L. Pier, K. Mclver, M. Grundy 


Zeta Chi Omega 

First row: ). Udovich, K. Ingram, D. MacKenzie 

Second row: C. Strohmeyer, K. Sisk, C. DiNardo 

Third row: D. Meszaros, K. Hund, E. Dagon, V. Kokor, 

K. Greenholt 

Fourth row: C. Kaminsky, D. Grzywacz, M. Reeder, T. 

Hendershot, L. Samson, C. Demi hak 

Not Pictured: E. Ranoarivony 

The founding of Zeta Chi Omega, social sorority, in 
1979 paralleled the designation of Gannon as a 

Zeta Chi Omega is the university's first local sorority 
founded by fourteen Gannon women with a variety 
of interests and backgrounds. Through the guidance 
of their advisor, Ellen Dagon, they joined together 
and formed a common bond of sisterhood. Through 
this bond the sisters are able to grow academically, 
and spiritually. They hope their future will hold as 
bright a promise as the university's. 

Through beginnings such as this, Gannon is able to 
expand and diversify it's horizons for it's students. 

rst row: K. Ingram, Treasurer; K. Greenholt, President 

;cond row: E. Dagon, Advisor; M. Reeder, Vice President; V. Kokor, Secretary 


Alpha Phi Delta Little Sisters 

Lying: Carol Buzard Row 1: E. Mariani, K. 

Dunlop, C. Maruca, C. Ritchie, T. Heath, L 

Wiijnar, P. Flood, M. Scherer, ). Maser, L. 

Trinbath, A. Scierka Row 2: D. Sedwick, S. 

McCay, C Yearey, C. Philhower, ). Salvucci, P. 


Chi Delphia 

Row 1: N. Kwley, S. Eisenbreuner, C. Weidner Row 2: V Dick, K. Hudy, S. Vargulich 

Row 3: ) Udovich, L. Sobek, J. Balczon Row 4: T Hall, P, Middleton, A. Manson Row 

5: S. Cook, T. Huff, C. McGuirer Row 6: C. Pitonyak, ), Murner, S. McDermitt 



Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters 

Row 1: Not Identified, Not Identified, ). Travers, P. Walker, Not Identified 
Row 2: B. Kelly, Not Identified, ). Balog, L Donnelly 

Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters 

Row 1: B. Lang, B. Watson, N. 
Wallo, S. Ballman Row 2: L. 
Ruffing, S. Daughesty, E. Agard, 
M. Bricker Row 3: P. Maine, S. 
Booth, M. Ochalek 


Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters 

Row 1: H. Sroshine, E. 

M< laughlin, M. Sarisky, L. 


Row 2: | Zuccarini, A. 

McNocello, K. Arcovio, K. 

Powers, L Caporale 

Row 3: L. Smith, A. Moosman, R. 

Guzaneck, K. Woodhead, S. 

Miller, |. Kondratic 

Row 4: K. Wilk, C. Scuyler, J. 

Friederick, M. Culick, M. 


Missing: P. Kuban, |. Kilara, L. 

Ferresse, M. Bergal 

Gannon's New Sweethearts 


Alpha Phi Delta 


Front: Jim Larkin Row 1: M. Draskovic, J. Bradac, R. Bell, J. Jurenovich, F 
Gionnone, P. Pacsi, P. Zarnick, L. Barnes, J. Marzula, T. Gause, M. 
Minnaugh, B. Laspin, J. Thompson, S. Willett, M. Zuarich, M. Roman, B. 
Friednichs, N. Orlando, J. Gall, C. Cashell, B. Flynn Row 2: S. Walsh, M. 
Kraus, F. Stanton, J. Tollino, M. Schwartz, T. Hilty, W. Christopher, P. 
Geitus, B. Shugars, Not Identified, B. Allen, T. Manning, R. Koza, N. 
Torchio, J. Wynett 


Delta Chi 

Row 1: P. McLaughlin, S. Beer, |. Simon, S. Dorris 

Yount Row 2: D Sullivan, P. Speranza, J. Bifulco, C. 

5rozek, F. Lichtenwalter Row 3: |. Stefanak, M. Miller, | 

Yang, R. Frey, D. Knight, D. Stockton, T. Russo Row 4 

K. Wielsan, H. Yale, T. Woodmancy, N. DiPlacio, L. 

Canton, C. Roth Row 5: Advisor - Fr. L. Spiece 

Bonnante, C. Stock, B. Prenozic 


& B v 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Row 1: S Dinenno, |. Stainbrook, C. Winter Row 2: 
L Power, ). Seserko, M. Dunford, D. Cremisio Row 
3: B. Bernardo, N. Stewart, |. Mottillo, B. Southard, B. 
McDonald, |. Lyons Row 4: M. Divecchio, N. Joseph, 
T. Greenland, G. Hanna, K. Lacey, A. Reynolds, Row 
5: R. lohnston, L. Laris, B. Gill, P. Franco, |. Vitalo 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Row 1: M. Podobnik, ). Bressan, ) Robinson Row 2: M. Trozona, 

P. Douglas, K. Williams, R. Noll, ) Ramsdell Row 3: P. Henderson, 

B. Morgan, M. Lyth, |. Garred, R. Vicinie, C. Beck, |. Finn 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Row 1: S. Yothers, T. Surma Row 2: M. Burkhart, M. Dunn Row 3: C. 
Peters Row 4: B. Hyland, M. Cushman, C. Snyder Row 5: K Kilmartin, D. 
Durand, |. Donovan Row 6: G. Smiley 



■■ ''rifllllin 

Due to circumstances beyond our control this year's group picture was 
not available. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

First Row: H Askirc, |. Heckman, I. Walsh, I Bartz 

Second Row: | I ran< is, I I isi< h, P. Carstenson, M. Petrusinski 

Third Row: S Kiszinski, I ) Smith, f Kardon, I? Marline hu k, |. Gandolfo, T. Seman. D. Kaminski, M. Camino, B. Tracey 

Fourth Row: (, Strasbaugh, D Monahan, I Wesi, M. Wetzel 

Fifth Row: I Edunboro, M Pietrusinski, B Hopkins, k \shlagoun, T. Faljuso 

Roof: I) Dclose. ! McCall, I' Kunes 


Alpha Phi Omega 

First Row: C. White S. Collinash, M. Gralak, D. Szalanski, D. Blout, P. Middleton, C. Graeber, T. Geither, B. O'Dell, V. 


Second Row: D. Brandon, M. Markey, ). lacobus, L. Schlicht, D. Slack, P. Rhoades, K Venasco, K. Kalie, ). Zimmerman, R 

Thomas, |. Tokarske, K. Bauer, P. Ventura, R. Clime, S. Beer, R. Vilkinofsky, L. Weshkow, M. Kittner, R. Bryan 

Third Row: M. Hall, S. Wallace, R. Pucci, J. Kopetsky, G. Rusnak, ). Magusiak, W. Beaver, N. Stanganelli, H. Krichbaum, T. Ruffa, 

K. Gausman, M. Baker, D. lakubowski, G. Avolio, B. Soisson, ). Chow, T. Martin, A. Banst 

Fourth Row: T. Vincent, K. Dunlop, A. Scierka, T. Heath, C. Richie, C. Yeaney, T. Manning, ). Gall, T. Gause, D. Donahue, 

Advisor; |, Wesdock, L Zambelli, R. Frey, L. Sterling, M. Ohmer, K. Zaken 

Missing: B Fries, B. Beyth, L. Fuge, S. McDermott, M. Shubert, S. Van Aken, Advisor; T. Ostrowski, Advisor; J. Moore, Advisor; 

Rev. Drexler, Chaplin 



Bottom: D. Pontzer, D. Skelly, C Knoll, B. Szabo, C. Kalhof Porch: M. Chestnut, M. Beverige, M. Caruse, D. McCullough, R. 
Stiftinger, M Catellier, A. Barbati, T Kovica, B. Ceccarelli, F. Klemensic, D. Coffey, G. Santora, D. Starr, B. Donnelly, |. Rosuis I' 

Obringer, ). Devinney On Shoulders: M Catanzaro, K. Larkin Above: K Heidkamp 

Due to < ir< umstani es beyond our control this year's group picture was not available 


Pershing Rifles 

Row 1: B Perine, B Novak, D. Chiapiazzi Row 2: R Dunn, I Mattern, 
D. Bates, M. Sabo 

Row 1: R. Cline, M. DeLucia, P. lole Row 2: M. Barndt, B. 
Gibson, P. DeLucia 

Due to circumstances beyond our control this year's group picture was not available. 


Intramural Winners 

Putt Putt (Doubles) 

Tennis Doubles 

Team Champion — Pikes 

Individual Champs - Kelley and Bressan - 

Medalists - Wetzel - TKE and /a\ ari< h - 


- Pikes 

- APD 

Team Champion - TKE 

Individual Champions — Southard and Franco — SIG 

Cross Country 

All College Champs — SIG 
League Champs: 

A Maroon — Sig Brooks 

A Cold — Iran 

B League - TKE Griffo 

C Maroon - Sig lustice Prevails 

C Gold - Sig 5'8" and Under 

Team Champs — Brothers and Others 

Individual Champ — Carey — Brothers and Others 

Touch Football 

Fall Bowling 

Team Champs — Shieks (A League) 
League Champs: 

A League — SIG 

B Maroon - APD 

B Gold - APD 

C North - APD 

C South - SIG 

C West - Shieks 

C East — Commuters 

Team Champ - TKE (C League) 
League Champ: 

A League - FB's 

B League - Sigs 

C League - TKE 

C League — Psi 


Table Tennis (Singles) 

Table Tennis (Doubles) 

Team Champs — TKE 

Individual Champ — Burik — Independent 

Team Champs - TKE 

Individual Champs - Bunk and Soltys - Independent 



Team Champs — SIC 

Individual Champ — Bossetti — Pike 


Team Champs — Sigs (A League) Men 
Cable Girls Women 
Men's League Champs: 

A League — Sigs 

B League — From the Corner and Studs 

C Maroon — FB 'F' 

C Gold — Sigs 

C C — Co Disaster 

D. Maroon — Sig Brooks 

D Gold - PF Flyers 
Women's Maroon — Big T's and But the Best 
Women's Gold — Gold - Cable Girls 

Team Champs — Wehrle 

Individual Champs: 

118 - C. Swann — Shiek 
126 - D. lohnston - Wehrle 
134- B. Roth - PR 
142 - T. Mullen - Wehrle 
150- |. Rossman - Wehrle 
158- D. Miscky - Shiek 
167 - D. Mushrush - Wehrle 
177 — M. Rowaine — Independent 
190 — ). Monticello — Independent 
HWT - K. Larkin - Shiek 

Spring Bowling 

ream Champs — FB's (A League) 
eague Champs: 

A League — FB 

B League - TKE 

C League — TKE 

C League — Sigs 

C League — TKE and Sigs 

C League — AKPsi 



Swim Meet 


Team Champs — Wehrle 
Individual Champs: 

40 yd. - Butterfly - Wiefling - Wehrle 
40 yd. - Breast Stroke - Herble - Wehrle 
40 yd. — Free Style — Komer — Wehrle 
60 yd. — Backstroke — Francis — Shiek 
100 yd. — Free Style — Rowaine — Shiek 
160 yd. — Individual Medley — Wiefling — Wehrle 
160 yd. - Free Relay — Sig Eps 
400 yd. — Free Style Rowaine — Shiek 

Free Throws 

Team Champs — Studs 

Individual Champ — Downing — Studs 

Team Champs — TKE 

Individual Champ - Bill Treacy — Tke 

Volleyball (Men) 

Team Champs — Club Express 
League Champs: 

A League — TKE 

B League - TKE 

C Maroon - Wehrle & APD 

CGold - Sig & Shiek 


D Maroon — Sig 

DGold -TKE 

Volleyball (Women) 

Team Champs — Selstoo 
League Champs: 

West — Selstoo 

East — Spirit 

North — Eight is Enough 

South - SSD's, AKPsi & TKEtte's 

Spring Golf 

Indivisual Medalists — Maskulka — Pike 


Team Champs — TKE 
League Champs: 

A League — TKE 

B League — Studs 

C League - Ash Street Pubbies 

Intramural of years past. 


One Pitch Softball 

Team Champ - 

Football Field Meet 

Team Champs — Sig 

Individual Champ — Roman — APD 

Track & Field 

Team Champs - 1 kl 

Individual Champs: 

Long lump — McDonald - Sig 
Shot Put - Reynolds — Sig 
220 yd. Dash -Wetzel - TKE 
Mile Run - Hilty - APD 

• .d. Dash - Wetzel - TKE 
400 yd. Dash - Roman - APD 
880 Relay - APD 
880 Run - Abate - Independent 
Mile Relay - Pike 


Team Champs — Pike 

Individual Champs: 

132 — Fisher — Independent 
148 - Douglas - Pike 
165 - Morgan - Pike 
180 - Sunseri - TKE 
198 - Collins - Sheik 
HWT - Reynolds - Sig 

Tennis Singles 

Team Champs — Sig 

Individual Champ - McDermott — Wehrle 


Team Champ - APD 

Individual Champs — Kane & Bluemel 





First Row: Not 
Identified I 

Bumbaugh, Not 

Identified, Not 

Identified, R 

Saggio, Not 

Identified, S. 

McMillan, M. Kelly 

Second Row: Not 

Identified M 

Metcalfe, F. Rea, |. 

Stefanoski, M. 

Cermak, M. 

Ondish, I 

Trawinski, Not 

Identified, S. 

Lucaine, Not 

Identified, D. 


First Row: M. Markcl, No! Identified, |. jacobus, L Washkow, Not Identified, K. Gerber, t Goldbach, M. Scutella 

Second Row: M. Delia, A. Sante, D. Szanalski, B Fries, L. Sarain, M. Powers, S. Walalce, |. Wusdock 

Third Row: P Demjanenko, T. Gerhardt, N. Stefanoski, R. Thomas, Not Identified 

Fourth Row: Nol Identified, M Sule< ki, Not Identified, B. Beyth, M. Langfried, T. Kuntz, P. Henderson, M. Baker 


First Row: G. Rose, l)r Kosar, M. 

Phillips, K. Bailey 

Second Row: W Demjanenko, O. 

Short , | Hogenmiller 

Third Row: W. Paskuiech, P 

Macuilewicz, R. Mielnik, R. Kraus, 

B. Baldwin, W. Bell, C. Arrington 


First Row: W. Paskuich, W. Hendricks, V. Trejchel, B. Mathewson, G. Fisher 
Second Row: R. Wiepert, |. Rose, N. Stefanouski 
Third Row: T. Brzuz, L. Szczensy, K. Cooney 
Fourth Row: K. Karg 


Row 1: P. Henderson, Not 

Identified, 1) Durante, S. 

McMillan, M. Zap, Not 

Identified, B. Morbito 

Row 2: M. Lith, Not 

Identified, Dr. Hultman, P. 

McCarthy, A. Terpicko, S. 

Dusenbery, P. Zarnick, ). 



N. Stefanouski, C. Duffy, E. Gunther, T. Madar, K. Cooney, L. Szozesny, B. Wiepert, P \bram Absent: C. Fisher 



Row 1: M Miller. I) Herbert, I 
Koepka, I), knight Row 2: A. 
Wehan, P. Uhrmacher, P 
Roscosky, P. Fazen, P. Buccarelli, 
K Uoodhead, Not Identified, B. 
Shaffer, N. Rou< h 


Row 1: B. Morgan, M. Trazona, M. Rowman, T. Schaming, B. Welton Row 2: N. Orlando, L. Albreski, ). Reton, L. Reed, 
L. Wasko Row 3: |. Marzola, Not Identified, |. Mott, M. Desantis, L. Edinboro, |. Norrie, |. Yang, ]. Simon, J. Matial, B. 
McDonald, B. Gill Row 4: C. Winter, B. Frank, D. Jurenovich - Advisor, R Martikchak 


Student Investment 

Row 1: \ Buttorco, I 

kugler, L. Sorg, |. 

Mehler, B. Schaeffer, 

R. Pasquale, D. 

Rumberger, K Qwik 

Row 2: Not Identified. 

T. Power, G. Netale, 

Frey, |. Norris, E 

\\ right - Advisor 


Model UN 

ow 1: A. Wehan, Dr. Reinhard, C. Strohmeyer, D. Atkins, Not Identified Row 2: Not Identified, C. Hemmelrick, M. Reeder, Not 


Rifle Club 

Row 1: H Hoop, L Schrall. P. lole Row 2: B. 

lestes, D. Lehman, SSG Pendry - Coach, D. 

Gerstner, B. Engel 


Pre-Law Advisory Board 

Row 1: Dr Reinhard, J Renton, B. Stark, 
Dr. Kim Row 2: |. Christy, Dr. Ostrowski, 
B. Diehl, A. Wehan 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

Row 1: |. Klier, K. Hertzog, |. Lijewski, T. Wolski Row 2: |. Carrig, D. 
Covatti, ). Campbell, ). Mohler, Row 3: M. Barrett, I Penra, E 
Verdeechia, K. Holtz Row 4: C. Zielonis, D. Stitt, B. Ropelewski, ). 
Keister, A. Wagner Row 5: K.McNultly, T. Power, L. Weisner, ). Hilty, 
P. Shufesky, D. Tkach Row 6: D. Eichelsdorfer, D. Moon, M. Meabon, 
G. Natale, ). Mitchell 



Dave Schultz, Editorial Board 
Ray Frey, Business Manager 

ohn lovasz. Editorial Board 

Kristen Susser, Editorial Board 






1 v, * V IT 

Tim Fogarty, 
Sports Editor 
Kathy Fiedler, 
Editorial Board 

Tom Hudak, 

Arts and 



Chris Pontzer, 



Less than an hour after Pennsylvania Governor Richard 
Thornburg announced in Zurn Hall that Gannon had 
been granted university status, The Gannon Knight was in 
the bins with the front page scoop. 

Reporting on university transition meetings and other 
news, sports and happenings affecting Gannon students, 
kept Knight staffers working on Fridays will 3 a.m., 4 a.m., 
occasionally 6 a.m. 

The Knight again won first place for public service in 
the Pennsylvania Collegiate Press Association. The award 
was for stories on area housing and was written by Tim 
Fogarty, Dave Schultz, Teresa Tassotti and Ray Frey. 

Julie Waechter won a second place for a political 
column. Kathy Fiedler won a third place in the general 
column category and an honorable mention for a review. 
Jay Habas got and honorable mention for a sports story. 
And the Knight staff took an honorable mention in the 
layout category. 

Julie Waechter, Editorial Board 



First Row: K. Komives, C. Snyder, B. Doan, C. Martin, C 

Barlow, P. Bluey, M. Torreti, M. Burgeh 

Second Row: T. Kaier, R. Bell, T. Fulgenzio, T. Allen, M. 

Fallone, ). Winzer, J. Sitter, D. Sullivan 

Third Row: K. Maclee, C. Helinski, |, Ingram, |. Skiff, K. 

Anderson, K. Holtz 

Not Pictured: F, Beam, K. Benson, B. Butler, |. Deitch, 

Psycho, ). Harris, B. Hopkins, N. loseph, N. Klebanski, 

D. Labonte, |. Loeffler, D. McCollough, |. Minton, C. 

Priestap, C. Rothstein, ). Sismour, D. Smith, G 

Spurgeon, ). Stewart, H. Still, C. Xanakis, T. Zieg 

Werg irainee cues up a record under the guidan< e • > t 
( null Rothstein and Connie Barlow 



Cathy DiNardo 
Sports Editor 

Denise Mackenzie 

Dave Schultz 
Copy Editor 

Folk Group 

Row 1: K Krause, C Freda. 

D. DeFord, K. Sisk, G. 

Brozek, S. Kucenske Row 2: 

A. Rosenthal. B Lmdstrom. P. 

Bryant, S. Kasbee, L. Reed, M. 

Fiscies Row 3: B Crobett, | 

Manning, T. Crebner 

3Lm^ §l^i l> \ i 


1 ■ ■' 

W^' ^M 

^^k \ 

L \ 



r ■! 



Campus Ministry 

Row 1: K Sisk, Rev. V. Wood, Sr. N. Colen. Sr L Kazmierowicx, Fr. C. Drexler 
Row 2: hr K Sullivan, Fr. P. DeSante, N. Timko, B. Saxton 


Alpha Psi Omega 

Row 1: M Bergell, M. Feretti, M. Spaeder Row 2: B. Doan, L. 
McEvoy, D. Delaney 

Circle K 

Row 1: D. Cowher, A. Cuidos, M. 
Drutarosky Row 2: P. Bluey, ). Sitter, 
). Salvucci, B. Hopkins, |. Capretto, 
C. White, L. McEvoy Row 3: ). 
Harris, B. Robbins (Advisor), E. 
Helenski, ). Minton 


The RA's 

First row: D Donahue, Asst. 

Head Resident: J. Mullen, K. 

Zaken, E. Cagen, Head Resident 

Second row: Rev. Drexler, 

Chaplin: B. Colt, I Bumbaugh, 

M. Mozelewski, ). Lyons 

First row: B. Schaffer, K Lucat, D. 

Singer, L. Wojnar 

Second row: V. Keller, L. Salao, S. Van 

Aken, Resident Director: C. Sovyak, D. 




Major Kiley Presents S. Neary with a two-year scholarship 

Major Kiley presents L. Bahorich with a three-year scholarship. 

Winners of the ROTC Thanksgiving "Turkey Shoot. 

Students practicing first aid techniques in a military science 




Row 1: V. Keller, E. Goldbach, C. Weidner, ). Reinhart, D. Markesich, N. Hammer, D. Serafin, T. Gause, D. Alberstadt, T. Latimer, P. 


Row 2: C. DiNardo, K. Sisk, |. Kondratic, D. Kondratic, B. Kidwell, D. Szalanski, M O'Neill, L Bahorich, K. Belczyk, S. Roache, D. 


Row 3: N. Orlando, W. Price, W. Beaver, K. Gerbert, B. Rodwick, T. Spevetz, L. Sobek, L. Sarain, A. Horchak, M. Kiselow, ). Santo, B. 

Beyth, C Roth, C. Harkless 

Not Pictured: B. Cavalancia, R. Frey, T. Hoffman, |. Jacobus, D. MacKinnon, S. Neary, M. Power, L. Reed, B. Ropelewski, L. Warren 







j z 

1.* • m 


^ K 

Hockey scores and group picture not available. 

Women's Tennis 

Row One: Ann Wagner, Michele Gralak, Gwen Ralph, Debbie sum, Chris Ireda 

Row Two: I inda Hunley, Kathy Heller, Nan DeSimone, Kim Klrker, Lil McLvoy, )ulie Geoves (coach) 


■.„. v S. *•» % N V - ■ ' ' 

On Tiptoes. 


Women's Tennis 


W-2 L-6 

























Villa Maria 




Men's Tennis 

better get out of here before he comes to!' 


Season Record 

• '. ) L-6 

Buffalo State 








St. Bona\enture 


University of Buffalo 



F. Zadeh levitates his racket on one of the Finegan ( ourts 

Kneeling: N. Torchio, ). Speice, M. Morrissey, M. Becker, ). Herbert 
Standing: J. Dietch, C. Kimmel, ). Yang, F. Zadeh, R. Marcoline, ). Gehringer 




at University of Buffalo 
w/Oswego State 
Buffalo State 

Soaring Eagles Invitational 
Final Round 

University of Youngstown 

St. Bonaventure (Lake Shore) 

1979 Fall Resu 










Lost 379-373 
Lost 379-369 
Won 379-392 



310-317 (627) 



1st of 15 teams 

73-76-77-78 79 
73-80-82-83 85 

at St. Bonaventure (Olean, NY) 74-74-77-78 79 

Tri-State Intercollegiate 

Brooklea Invitational 
(Rochester, NY) 

Eastern College Athletic 

Conference Upstate NY Regional 
(Colgate University) 

Eastern ( ollege Athletic 

( i mlereni e ( hampionship 

72-75-76-76 78 
78-78-81 -91 

302 1st of 22 teams 

306-313 (619) 
75-76-81-81 HI 

81 383 1st of 11 teams 

Won 403-417 
80 Won 382-396 

79 377 1st of 12 teams 
328 3rd of 21 teams 



Jrd ot 12 teams 


'B' Team Results 




Soaring Eagles Invitational 78-82-84-86 89 

80-81-82-87 87 


330-330 (660) 
3rd of 15 teams 

St. Bonaventure (Lake Shore)76-79-80-81 84 Won 400-413 

Tri-State Invitational 78-82-82-84 86 412 9th of 12 teams 

Individual Results 



Average Best 


Michael Capotis 


76.1 72 

Medalist-Elmira Invit. 

Bob Wagner 


74 3rd Place Tie Brooklea 

2nd Place Tie Elmira 
7th Place Tie ECAC 

Gary Stewart 




3rd Place Tie Brooklea 
2nd Place Tie Elmira 

Craig Ackerman 




3rd Place ECAC Regiona 

Ed Habjan 




Medalist Youngstown 

Chris Drongosky 




4th Place Elmira 

Paul Lichtenwalter 




Dan Reilly 




Jim Amendola 




John Chrichock 




John Dado 




Bill Paul 




Tim Eberlein 





Women's Volleyball learn proves theor\ of what ^oes up must come 

Maybe it I do some hallel il will help " 


Seated: S. Vite, A. Selker, K 
Kellackey, T. Mack, B. Lang 
Standing: Coach Morris, M. 
Smathers, I. Hendershot, D. 
Shotwell (capl ), P Ruefle, B. 
Lanzel, M. Simons (Asst. 

Not Pictured: C Demchak, K. 
Ford, G. Grotkowski, D. 

Season Record 

W - 9 L - 12 








Villa Maria 


Villa Maria (NY) 

Buffalo State 


University of Buffalo 



Roberts Wesleyan 






Villa Maria 


I -2 



Season Re 



- 14 





Buffalo State 


St. Vincent 




Grove City 






Slippery Rock 






St. Bonaventure 

I -4 

John Carroll 


U. Pittsburgh 








Row 1: P. Cuidos, D. Matacchiera, St. Walkiewicz, M. Roman, G. Zuniga, K. Ashrafioua, R. 

ohnston, M. Mandara, N. Sala, H. Nadjafi 

How 2: Coach Wrobel, F. Gierok, E. Effelfinger, M. Coppola, R. Cierok, ). Stainbrook, M. Kraus, F. 

<lemensic, ). Stehr, K. Pugar, T. Weppner, E. Bambauer, N. Pinculic, A. Bluemle 

Mot Pictured: C Ngwese 


Men's Basketball 

Up, Up, and Away 

Patty cake, Patty cake! 

&i am a m 


Look! I can balance the ball on my finger just like Meadowlark Lemon! 

fitting: D. Phillips, G. Pryor, D. Achille, M. Hairston, M. Hooks, R. Moore 

Standing: Assistant Coach Heufner, Coach Fox, D. Adamson, W. Alexander, B. Butler, D. Sculley, M. Kopas, ). Mitchell, Assistant 

loach Barringer, Assistant Coach Arribi 


Gannon University's version of "Swan Lake 

Season Record 

W-20 L-9 

Fredonia State 
Philadelphia Textile 
Alliance College 

Wise. — Green Bay 
Youngstown State 

MD — Eastern Shore 
Buffalo State 
Cheyney State 
Clarion State 
Geneva College 
Slippery Rock 
Allinace College 
Niagara University 
New York Tech. 
Buffalo State 
Youngstown State 
University of Buffalo 
Edinboro State 
St, John Fisher 
LeMoyne College 
New York Tec h 
Cheyney State 



7 1 -65 
59-8 1 


3- * 

"Oooo! Oooo! I've got it! I've got it!' 


Women's Basketball 

What concentration! 


First Row: Karen Beardsley, Pam Bonadio, Kathy Prest, Ellen Matschner, Peggy Ruefle 

Second Row: Kathy Heller, Carrie Turco, Rona Nesbit, Marianne Crevar, Peggy Sheridan, Mary Lou Babnis 

Third Row: Ceri Grotkowski, Del Braithwaite, Kathy Hummer, Kathy Kyle, Linda Hunley 


Rats' I'm surrounded!" 

"I told you that you should have moved back! 


"Would you mind getting your hand out of my face! 

Season Record W 13 L 11 




Slippery Rock 

Marshall U. 

Clarion State 

Indiana U. PA 

Akron University 

Edinboro State 



Niagara University 

Clarion State 

St. John Fisher 

Robert Morris 

Cleveland State 
PSU — Shenango 

Grove City 

Youngstown State 

University of Buffalo 

Edinboro State 


Pitt — Johnstown 

Villa Maria 





Team Members: C. Baldwin, C. Grotkowski, L. 
Hunley, K. Kellackey, M. Lange, T. Maek, E. 
Matschner, K. Priest, P. Ruefle, M. Schofield, 
C. Turco, B Whalen, K Morris, Coach 

Season Record 

VV-4 L-6 

KSU -Ashtabula 


KSU - Ashtabula 






Grove City 




Villa Maria 




Slippery Rock 






- ■ 

MJN <> 

First row: D Tobin, T. Palermo, ). Miller, G. Lieb, D. Shreve, |. Moats, K. Leuschen, M. Esser 
Second row: | Barbaro, R Hall, T Downing, S. Haney, M. Dunford, R. Trejehel, ). Lunger, Manager 

Third row: I George, Head coach; G. Strasbaugh, D. Milloy, T. Bennett, C Wedzikowski, T. Antouk, Co-captain; R. Gauriloff, Co- 
captain; R. Eaton, | Boyles, D. Stefanowicz, M. Ganska, Asst. Coach. 


"Whose got the ball?" 

"Tag! You're it!" 

Season Record 

W-4 L-5 

Fredonia State 




Slippery Rock 







Cheerleaders and Pep Band 

Third row: 

Front row: M. Varone 
Second row: C Thomas, R. Frey 
Boston, D. Girdano, M. Kuzman 


!i a ii 



> % 



Front row: S. Van Aken; Advisor, E. Coldbach, P. Rhoades, A. Szabo, D. Biser 
Second row: G. DiCiocco, R. Goy, ). Lawrence, K. Gausman, K. Giewont, T. Fulgenzio, T. Barton, L. Churchill, C Magaro, B. Lang, 

|. Hall, P. Roscosky, M. Platteter 
Not Pictured: D. Blait, R Cline, V. Dick, N. Disipio, S. Eisbrenner, R Frey, I lacobs, B loyce, S. Rueinski, M. Platteter, G. 

Noordergraaf, S. Mollico, S. Prosser, B Roderick, D. Smith, M. Trombetto, M. Walker 



"I really love my new Teddy 



Intramural Athlete of the Year - A. Reynolds - 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Intramural Manager of the Year - B. Treacy - Tau 

Kappa Epsilon 


Intramural Official of the Year — J. Mott — Sigma 
Phi Epsilon 

All College Champions of the Year — Tau Kappa 


X ,.M|NI , i u 

v ^l; 


LANCE 9 80 




Thomas Freeman 

by Lisa Pater 

When I found out that Dr. Freeman had died, I felt not only 
sadness, but a sense of loss. Sadness for his family and friends, 
but also a sense of loss for Gannon. 

I guess that does sound a bit selfish. But after having Dr. 
Freeman for class, I know that Gannon lost one of its best 
teachers when Dr. Freeman died. 

I can still remember Mr. Freeman's (he was still a "Mr." then 
- he was awarded an honorary LLD from Gannon in 1977) 
classroom techniques. He'd walk around the room and ask 
students for an answer to the homework problems he as- 
signed. If you didn't have them done, you tried to shrink into 
your chair, because he had this certain way of making you feel 
bad. Like you had to apologize for not having it done. It made 
some of my days in his trig class pretty uncomfortable. 

Sounds like a strict "old school" professor. But the concern 
he had for his students dispelled that image. He held helping 
classes and stayed after class many times. He gave fair tests 
and always gave the students the benefit of the doubt when 
he corrected them. I remember one test when he gave every- 
one ten extra points because he thought the test was too hard. 

I was also a student in Mr. Freeman's class when he first 
became ill. He missed a few weeks of class and then came 
back. Of course, he had dicated what he wanted us to be 
learning to the other math teachers who came to visit him in 
the hospital. He puffed on his cigar when he told us about his 
doctor's orders. "No smoking, no exertion and no teaching," 
he laughed. "To hell with him," Freeman bellowed. 

He even taught on days when he had doctor's appoint- 
ments. Our class met at noon and should have lasted until 
1:20 p.m. When he had to go to the doctor, Mr. Freeman 
would let us out a few minutes before his 1 p.m. appointment. 
"You see," he said, "if they take away my teaching, they might 
as well take away my life." 

I guess you could say he gave his life to the college and to 
his students. Dr. Freeman began teaching at Gannon in 1946, 
only two years after it was founded. He saw a lot of changes 
take place at Gannon. Three presidents. Fifteen or so buildings 
added to the Gannon campus. Gannon's enrollment increasing 
from a few hundred males to 3,500 men and women in 
undergraduate and graduate programs. 

And on December 19, 1979, we became a university. Dr. 
Freeman had only left Gannon a few days before, teaching 
until the very end. I think it was fitting that Dr. Freeman, 
someone who gave so much to Gannon, was alive to see its 
designation as a university. 

— reprinted, with permission, from the 
Gannon Knight, January 23, 1980. 


Tom Barringer 

by Julie Waechter 

Few people touch the lives of those around them as did 
Thomas Barringer. Whether you knew him as a coach, teacher, 
neighbor or colleague, you knew him first as a friend. The 
genuine concern and respect with which he treated people — 
whoever they were — will keep him in their hearts long after 
his renown as a basketball coach had dimmed. 

My first memories of Barringer are as the playground director 
in Lawrence Park, where I grew up. He was the man who 
pumped up the basketballs, taped the softballs and kept the 
big kids from picking on the little ones. I don't remember him 
ever yelling at kids — he didn't have to. No one gave him a 
hard time, because he thought of kids as worthwhile individ- 
uals, not as a bunch of brats or troublemakers. 

This is the same attitude with which he taught and coached. 
Barringter taught history and coached basketball at Lawrence 
Park and later, with the merging of the two school districts, at 
Iroquois High Schools. He also served as guidance councelor. 

Barringer is hailed for his overall record of 433 wins and 132 
losses as varsity basketball coach in the Lawrence Park com- 
munity, but I think the qualities that marked him as a superior 
coach, and perhaps directly contributed to his scoreboard 
success, were his calmness and fairplay. 

Barringer seldom got upset at his players. When the game 
got tense, he instead gave them encouragement and sat on the 
bench wringing a towel. 

And though it seemed our team never lost, winning was not 
Barringer's first priority. Once his son, the star player of the 
team, violated one of the team restrictions. Barringer sus- 
pended him from playing the next night and it cost Iroquois 
the game. Some people were bitter, but no one could accuse 
him of playing favorites or lacking integrity. 

The interest Barringer showed in other people and his 
concern for other's welfare gave them a feeling of self esteem. 
When Barringer was named Gannon's assistant basketball 
coach in 1978, I went to interview him at his home. To an 
observer, it would have seemed that he was interviewing me: 
asking how I liked college, what other kids from high school 
were doing, how my family was. 

The value of a man's life cannot be measured by material 
wealth, but rather by how much he enriched the lives of 
others. All who knew Thomas Barringer gained a piece of 
spiritual gold. 

— reprinted, with permission, from 
the Gannon Knight, February 6, 1980. 


Bishop Alfred M. Watson 
Chairman, Board of Trustees 

Bishop Michael Murprn 

Vice-Chairman, Board of 


Rev. Msgr. Wilfred ]. Nash 


Dr. Joseph P. Scott mo 


Richard Duntnrd 


Student Personnel Services 

Dr. Paul Peterson 
Academic Affairs 

). Kevin Quinn 
Business Affairs 

Rev. Lawrence Speice 
External Affairs 


Louis Agnese 
Director of Student Life 

Mario Bagnoni 
Security Officer 

Marianne Bock 
Asst. Director of Guidance 

Bonita Booker 
Asst. Director of CAAP/EOP 

|ohn F. Cherry 
Development Officer 

Raymond F. Cicero 
Director of Evening/Summer Sessions 

Dr George Crittenden 
Director of Health Services 

tllen Dagon 
Assoc. Director of Student Life 

Grace Davies 



\ g. 










Paula Deslatte 
Asst. Director of Career Development 

Robert Dobiesz 

I ibr.inan 

Ernest Ellis 

I )iri>c lor ol Physic dl Plant 


Howard Elwell 
Athletic Dirct tor 

Richard Fox 

Head Basketball Coach 

MaryAnn Frew 

Director of Medical Assist. Program 

Gary Froehlich 

Robert Hammer 
Director of Operations 

Dr. Richard L. Herbstritt 

Director of Career Development Program 

Claire Hresko 

David jurenovich 

Area Coordinator of Student Life 

Sister Eileen Kazmierowicz 

Associate Director of Campus Ministry 

Shirley Keihlmeier 

Thomas Klobchar 

Clinical Coordinator Physical Assist. 


Leslie Kuchta 


Dr. Martin Larrey 
Dean of Humanities 

Dr Carl Lechner 
Director of Physical Assist. Program 

Monica Lewis 
Public Relations Officer 

Rev. Robert Levis 
Director of Pontifical Center 

Rev. Casimir Lubiak 
Director of Library 

Michael Mailahn 
Payroll Accountant 

Rosalie McBride 
Director of Personnel 

Dennis McClary 
Counselor of Family Medicine 


Ward McCracken 

Joseph McLaughlin 

Director of Guidance and Placement 

Karen Morris 
Womens' Athletics 

Rita Ann Nies 

Caliope Richmond 

Dr. |ohn Rouch 

Director of Graduate Program 

.M. D< 

Rev. David Rubino 
irector of Public Relations 

Patricia Schlosser 


Kathryn Smith 
Manager of the bookstore 

Rev. Thomas Snyderwine 
Asst. Director of Library 

Dennis Steele 


Rev. George Strohmeyer 
Director of freshman Services 

Vicki Keller 
Director freshman Orientation 

Richard Sukitsch 
Director of Admissions 

Rev. Richard Sullivan 
Director of Campus Ministry 

fredenck Thompson 
Director of EOP/CAAP 

lames Treiber 
Dire( tor ol Financial Aid 

Robert Wilson 
I )i rector of Development 

Charles Wrobel 
i (ire 'or oi Intramuralsand \< tivity Center 

1 1H 


Dr. Abdelrahman Aburachis 
Assoc. Professor of Economics 

Michael Acri 

Assoc. Professor of Philosophy 

Dr. Paul Adams 

Assoc. Professor of Education 

Mahesh Aggarwal 

Assist. Professor of Mech. Engineering 

John Alberstadt 

Assist. Professor of Accounting 


lohn Alessio 
Asst. Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Robert Allshouse 
Assoc. Professor of History 

Dr. Kenneth Anderson 
Assist. Professor of Biology 

Dr. Frank Angotti 
Assoc Professor of Histor> 

Edward Babowicz 
Professor of English 

Mary Barrett 
Instructor of Management 


Charles Bennett 

Assist. Professor of Economics 

John Bozza 

Assoc. Professor of Criminal Justice 

Joseph Bressan 
Professor of Accounting 

Lyle Brinkle 

Assoc. Professor of Geography 

Dr. Michael Bucholtz 

Assist. Professor of Chemistry 

William Carney 

Assist. Professor of Language 


Dr. Attilio Ciocozzi 
Assist. Professor of Creative Arts/Languages 

Arthur Cook 
Assist. Professor of Industrial Management 

Mehmet Cultu 
Assist. Professor Electrical Engineering 

Nick DeLaura 
Assist. Professor of Engineering Technology 

Rev. Paul DeSante 
Professor of Communications/English 


Rev. Gilio Dipre 

Assist. Professor of Philosophy 

Rev. Charles Drexler 

Assist. Professor of Theology 

Dr. John Duda 

Assoc. Professor of Psychology 

David Eichelsdorfer 

Assoc. Professor of Management/Marketing 

Robert Falkewitz 

Assist. Professor of Communication Arts 


Rev. Robert I in 
Assoc. Professor of Languages 

Dr. )ohn Fleming 
Professor of Psychology 

Dr. David Frevv 
Professor of Management 

Dr Lee Fuller 
Assoc. Professor of Management 

Dr. Kenneth Gamble 
Assoc. Professor of Psychology 

Dr Richard Gammon 
Professor of Biology 


)ohn Gilewicz 

Assist. Professor of Earth Science 

Dr Rangasamy Gnanasekaran 

Assist. Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Rev. Joseph Gregorek 
Assist. Professor of Biology 

Dr. Paul Griesacker 
Assoc. Professor of Physics 

Frank Groszkiewicz 

Assist. Professor of Engineering Technology 

Dr. Cherie Haeger 
Assoc. Professor of English 


Dennis Henneman 
Assoc. Professor of Thealre/CommunKationArts 

Dr George Hesch 
Assoc. Professor of Chemistry 

Dr William Hornfeck 
Assist. Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Major Warren Huckabay 
Assist. Professor of Military Scieni e 

Dr. Carl Hultman 
Assist. Professor of Chemistry 


Dr. Philip Kelly 

Assoc. Professor of English 

Major lames Kiley, |r 

Assist. Professor of Military Science 

Dr. Paul Kim 

Professor of Political Science 

M. Jude Kirkpatrick 

Assoc. Professor of Sociology 

Director of Anthropology 

Dr. |anet Klempay 
Professor of Psychology 


Dr. Warren Kennedy 
Assist. Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

Dr Elmer Kohlmiller 
Professor of Biology 

Dr lames Kokoros 
Assist. Professor of Biology 

Major Michael Konopka 
Assist. Professor of Military Science 

Dr. Halit Kosar 
Dean of Science and Engineering 

Dr Wieslaw Kosc 
Assist. Professor of Mechanical Engineering 


Lt. Col. Francis Krahe 
Professor of Military Science 

Dr. Gerald Kraus 

Assist. Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Joseph LaFaro 

Assist. Professor of Philosophy 

William Laitmer 
Professor of Accounting 

Dr. Joseph Leu 

Assist. Professor of Physics 

Dr. Charles Lundy 

Professor of Guidance Counseling 


Dr. Gary Mahan 
Instructor of Economics 

Rev. Dr. Phan Mai 
Assist. Professor of Theology 

lames Maskulka 
Instructor of Marketing 

Rev. James McCullough 
Assoc. Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. )ames McGivern 
Assist. Professor of Biology 

Rev. Michael McGraw 

Instruc tor of I heology 

1 i() 

Rev. Thomas McSweeney 

Assist. Professor of Theatre/Communication Arts 

Anthony Miceli 

Chairman ot 1 heatre/Communic ation Arts 

Rev. Stephen Minkiel 

Assoc. Professor of Philosophy 

Dr. Walter Minot 

Assoc. Professor of English 

Barry Mitchell 

Assist. Professor of Theology 

Dr. Matti Moosa 
Professor of History 


^ ' i/l 

Charles Murphy 
Assist. Professor of Social Work 

Dr. Robert Nelson 
Assoc. Professor of Graduate Guidance/Counseling 

Rev. Howard Neibling 
Assoc. Professor of Fine Arts 

Rev. Gerald Orbanek 
Assist. Professor of Theology 

Dr. Geraldine Orton 
Assist. Professor of Mental Health 

Dr. Thomas Ostrowski 
Assist. Professor of Political Science 

1 U 

Rev. Dr. Austin O'Toole 
Assoc. Professor of Biology 

Dr. Francis Pelczar 
Professor of Chemistry 

Rev. Richard Powers 

Assist. Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Anthony Rao 

Assist. Professor of Social Work 

Dr. Gregor Reinhard 
Professor of Political Science 

Dr. Dennis Renner 
Assoc. Professor of English 



Edward Rogers 
Assoc. Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Miguel Sague 
Professor of Languages 

\1a|or Francis Santangelo 
Assist. Professor of Military Science 

Dr. Dolores Sarafinski 
Assoc. Professor of English 

Rev. Dr. Joseph Schanz 
Professor of Theology 

lerry Selvaggi 
Assoc. Professor of Engineering Reserach 

I <4 

Dr. Richard Sittei 

Assoc. Professor of Physics 

Dr. Charles Smith |r 
Professor of English 

Dr. Eron DeLeon 
Professor of Languages 

Rev. Robert Susa 

Assoc. Professor of Economics 

Dr. Thomas Szendrey 
Assoc. Professor of History 

Dr. Paul Tatsch 

Assist. Professor of Economics 



Dr. Thomas Upton 
Assist. Professor of Philosophy 

Dr. Robert Vales 
Professor of English 

Gerald Walsh 
Assist. Professor of History 

Dr. Berta Weber 
Professor of Languages/Cultures 

Dr. Robert Wehrer 
Professor of Education 

Paul Weidle 
Assist. Professor of Mathematics 


Rev. Casimir Wo/ni.ik 
lnstru< lor of Theology 

Ernest Wright Sr. 
Professor of Finance 

John Wroblewski 

Assist. Professor of Management 

Rev. Addison Yehl 
Professor of Chemistry 

Adnreas Zafiropoulos 

Assoc. Professor of Economics 

Stanely Zagorski 

Assoc. Professor of Biology/Radiation Technology- 


1 J8 






Annie and Charles' House . . . 

Gannon's Home 

I have walked over the same set of steps on which 
President William Taft stood, been in the room where Taft 
once got stuck in a bathtub, and sat at a foot dinner table at 
which three presidents (Teddy Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, 
and Taft) had sat. 

But most Gannon University students, whether they know 
it or not, can make the same claim. 

And so can anyone who has ever walked through Gan- 
non's Old Main administration building — once the home 
of Erie's foremost high society, ultra-cultured, filthy rich 
families: the Strongs. 

Old Main is sometimes called the Strong Administration 
Building, but the story of how the 46 room mansion was 
built as a wedding gift for Annie Scott Strong, and the 
private lives of Annie and her husband Charles Hamot 
Strong are not the subject of campus gossip as they once 

How many people today know that the former president 
of Gannon's Perry Square mansion, Annie Strong, was one 
of the city's leading socialites at the turn of the century? At 
that time the Reeds, who were descendants of one of the 
first families to settle in Erie, built their mansion on the 
north corner of Sixth and Peach Streets. That building is 
now the Erie Club. 

Annie's father, William L. Scott, built what is today Gan- 
non's Old Main across the street in an attempt to out-do 
the Reed home. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for 
Annie and Charles, although most records say it took about 
six years to complete — well after the two were married. 
William Scott probably never saw it totally finished when 
he died in 1891. 

Records say the shell of the building cost $480,000 with 
every brick on the outside being imported from Europe. The 
furnishings cost over $800,000. Five years ago the structure 
was valued at $5 million. 

Except for frequent guests, Charles, Annie, and their 
daughter Thora were the only family members living in the 
mansion. But they were about 40 servants living on the 
fourth floor and in the carriage house (which is today 
Downey Hall). 

Downey Hall was also the garage for the Strongs, who 
owned one of the first electric cars in the city. Gannon 
chancellor and former president Monsignor Wilfred Nash 
remembers seeing it parked in front of the house, when he 
was a child. The cars and carriages were washed on the first 
floor of Downey and raised to the second floor for storage 
— by elevator. The pulley for the elevator is still on the 
second floor. 

Pictured at right: Charles Hamot Strong 

by Dave Schultz 


\nnie Stroi i Iding da^ 


Cars and carriages were frequently around the Strong 
home because Annie's father had influential friends and 
connections. William Scott had made $50 million in the 
railroad industry, and was a mayor of Erie before being 
elected a democratic congressman. At his funeral was Presi- 
dent Cleveland, one of the three presidents to visit the 

Another was President Taft. Taft was a former classmate 
of Charles Strong Yale University, and he visited the mansion 
at least twice. In 1911, Taft was a wedding guest when the 
Strong's daughter, Thora Scott Ronalds got married for the 
second time. Thora was the only person to be born in the 

Taft also visited the Sixth Street house at another time 
when, legend says, the 400 pound chief executive got stuck 
in a bathtub on the third floor. Some sources said the story 
was just a joke, but others contend it really happened. 
Either way, it makes for a good story and gives some 
heritage to an otherwise young institution like Gannon. 

Heritage is probably what Gannon students, teachers and 
administrators were seeking when they used to re-hash old 
tales about the Strongs. Like the story about how Annie and 
Charles never did quite get along . . . 

It is uncertain whether their marriage was arranged for 
convenience or whether they simply grew apart later. It is 
common knowledge though that as time went on, Charles 
and Annie found more ways to avoid each other. 

The second floor of the mansion was where the couple 
had their bedrooms. Annie's three-bedroom complex was at 
the end of the hall, where the Student Affairs office is now. 
Charles's rooms were at the opposite end where the 
Campus Ministry has its office now. 

One story holds that the reason all the rooms on the 
second floor are connected by doors is so that Annie could 
have avoided bumping into her hubby accidentally. 

Eventually Charles moved out of the mansion and into his 
"Somewhere" Estate, which was between the Erie Day 
School and Presque Isle Bay. This land is today the site of 
Zurn Industries corporate headquarters and the under-con- 
struction South Shore Place high-rise apartments. 

On those occasions when Annie would go to the Some- 
where Estate, Charles would come in town. But Charles was 
supposedly never attached to the mansion. Annie's father 
really built it for her, and he specified in his 24 page will 
that the Sixth Street property should stay in the possession 
of Annie or her daughter Thora, "free from the control of 
any husband." 


The Strong Mansion as it looked in 1941. 


When Annie had a cerebral hemorrhage and became the 
only person to die in the mansion, in 1928, the house then 
belonged to Thora. But Thora had moved to New York (where 
her daughter, Thora Scott Ronalds McElroy, still lives) and 
Charles stayed at his Somewhere Estate until he died in 1936. 

The house remained unoccupied from 1936 to 1941, when 
most of the Strong's furniture was sold. Some of the furniture, 
including the dining room table, can be seen in the Founder's 
Room in the Nash Learning Resource Center. This is the table 
that was in the formal dining room, which is today a confer- 
ence room. What was once the family breakfast room is today 
the president's office — the most well preserved room in the 
house. The original tapestried wall paper is still there. 

The family emblem, carved by European craftsmen, is also 
well preserved on the main stairway and on the ceiling of the 
Business Affairs office, which used to be the grand ballroom. 
The office of the vice president of Business Affairs was the 
Strong's chapel as well as being Gannon's first chapel when 
classes were held on the third and fourth floors. 

The Erie Diocese was the only interest which seemed to 
want the empty mansion. The trustees of the Strong estate had 
no trouble selling the furniture, but there were no buyers for 
the house itself. It sat unused until 1940, when the city 
acquired it for delinquent taxes. The new owner, Thora Scott 
Ronalds apparently did not think the building was worth the 

The city did not think it was worth much either, and 
considered tearing it down to make a parking lot. Bishop John 
Mark Gannon saved the building from destruction when he 
bought it in 1941 for $35,000 establishing it as the nucleus of 
the newly formed Gannon College. 

The diocese also bought the adjoining properties, including 
the carriage house and the Strong's sunken garden, on top of 
which the administration annex building was built. 


rhe staff 

of the 



he s i rong's automobile 


The Strong Family Crest. 

The Strong Mansion as it appears 
today. Its history still arousing the inter- 
ests of those who come in contact with 
it. It still maintains its original dignity. 



The week of April 19 through 25 marked a very special week for Gannon University. It was the formal 
celebration of designation as a university. The week was kicked off with an exciting event ... a 10 Kilometer 
Race, entitled quite approriately, The University Run. Four hundred twenty ran the 6.2 mile course, and two 
Gannon students walked away with trophies. 

Sunday, April 20 brought about the Dedication Mass and the Dedication Convocation. Rev. |ohn Driscoll, 
President of Villanova University was guest speaker at the convocation. During the rest of the week, a series 
of recitals took place at Gannon, as did an Academic Convocation, and both the student sponsored events . . . 
the University Fever Dance and a concert by Livingston Taylor. 

(xinnon Students .it i.h e 

Cannon's hither Dave Rubino 


Student winner Fred Heintz 

Student winner Gwen Ralph 

Runner Marianne Knobloch 

Alumni winner )ohn Cherry and Dr. Scottino 


|im Kopclsk\ during M.iss reading 



K 'V ' 

Procession, Convocation 

Livingston Taylor 

Taylor opener, Roomful 'O Blues 


Visitors to the Gannon Community 

The Boehm Quintette 

Left to Right: 

Joseph Anderer, Horn 

Laura Conwesser, Flute 

Phyllis Bohl, Oboe 

Don Stewart, Clarinet 

Matthew Shubin, Basson 

1 1\ ingston I ayloi 

lessica Savage 


Sights around Gannon 1979-80 

TheAFSCMt strike 

The closing of the State Street Boston Store and the fire which 
occurred shortly afterwards. 



LANCE f 80 


"He just stabbed me!" 

'kill' Kill'- 





They did the mash. They did the monster mash. 



'Those fools! They're actually going to let us loose 

on the world." 

I i an i help ii It keep! sliding ofl my head 


"Why, 1 can see myself. 

"Would you please let go of it? 

"Row, row, row your boat 



Parting Words 

To Gannon University, 

I, like most of the students who have entered your 
doors, have both hated and loved you, cursed and 
laughed at you, and most recently, been consumed 
with a passion to leave you. 

And now I'm about to do just that. 

How do I feel? Just about as indecisive and mixed 
up as that first statement read. 

You see, I've spent too many nights searching for 
wisdom at two a.m. (when it wasn't to be found), too 
much time searching for books in the library (when 
they weren't to be found) and too much time remi- 
niscing about these past four years. 

We'll be remembered as the first graduating class of 
Gannon University. We've seen a relatively com- 
placent student attitude turn just a bit more activistic 
with the formation of the Draft Information Group 
and the Energy Awareness Group, and the debate on 
student government reorganization. 

We've seen gasoline prices rise to amounts that just 
a few years ago would have seemed astronomical. And 
unfortunately, with the world-wide hostage crisis, the 
possibility of our being called to war has loomed large, 
after we thought our country would never make an- 
other mistake like that again. 

And on a more pleasant note, we danced to the 
disco beat four years ago. Now we're seeing "Death to 
Disco" parties. As the song says, "Rock and roll will 
never die." Let's hope. 

But as I close the doors on this part of my life, I 
can't feel bitter. Because, Gannon, you have made me 
grow. You have taught me a discipline that I hope to 
successfully make my career. 

You have given me the chance to meet, understand 
and sometimes love a variety of people. 

You have put the finishing touches on my value 
system, which is at least as important, if not more, 
than the education you have instilled in me. 

The end has arrived. I've wanted this to come for so 
long that I could almost taste leaving. 

Funny. All of a sudden, the taste has gone sour. 

by Lisa Pater 


Gary Abram 

B.S. Finance 

Michael Acri 

B.A. Psychology 

Danny Adamson 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Diane Elaine Adkins 

B.A. Political Science 

Michael K. Alberstadt 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Terri Anderson 

B.A. Elementary Education 


Celine P. Arezina 

B.A. Chemistry/Business 

Lelano J. Bailey 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Parris J. Baker 

B.S. Special Education 

Cheryl Baldwin 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Judith Balog 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Jessica Ann Barbaro 

B.S. Social Work 

Al Barbati 

B.S. Pre-Medical Biology 

Tami Barton 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Kathleen Berklite 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 


Michele Bernhardt 

B.S. Business 

Brendy Lee Betton 

A.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

S. Diane Biser 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Werner M. Bloos 

B.S. Biology/Psychology 

John R. Boeckman 

B.S. Social Work 

Joyce Bogusky 

B.A. Criminal )ustice 

Abdol Azim Bonyadi 

B.S. Mechanu al Engineering 

Christopher Bosner 

B.A. Criminal Justice 


\ WS\ 


Susan Brendza 

B.S. Management 

Ralph Brougham 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Beth Ann Brown 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Karen Brown 

A.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Gary Brozek 

B.S. Management 

Elizabeth Bruno 

B.S. Nursing 

Antionette Buffa 

B.S. Management 

James Bumbaugh 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Patricia Burke 

B.S. Marketing 

Craig Buss 

B.S. Physician's Assistant 


Barbara Bussard 

A. S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Bill Butler 

B.A. Communication 

Richard Carlotti 

B.S. Mathematics 

Mary Carlucci 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Candice Carney 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Kimberly Carson 

AS. Medical Assistant 

■ noi men? We are Devo " 


Marc Carson 

B.S. Finance 

Philippe Carstensen 

B.S. Management 

Diane Casper 

B.S. Accounting 

Barry Cavalancia 

B.S. Biology 

Mary Cermak 

B.S. Biology 

Bernard Cerroni 

B.S. Biology 

George Cheatom, Jr. 

B.A. Sociology 

Geri Cichetti 

B.S. Accounting 

Rosalia Ciminella 

B.A. Foreign Language 


Annette Ciotti 

B.S. Biology 

Robert Clark 

B.S. Industrial Management 

Divid Coffey 

B.S. Biology 

Mark Colonna 

B.S. Science/Math/Education 

William Colt 

B.S. Management 

Joyce Conway 

B.S. Special Education 

Qui< ^ Spike the it e i ream while no 

one's w<il< hing." 


Jody Cook 

B.A. Anthropology 

Cathleen Cooney 

B.A. Social Work 

Kevin Cooney 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Amy Copella 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Jerome Cotter 

B.S. Management 

Daniel Coughlin, Jr. 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Brynna Cumo 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Candace Curci 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Milton Dalbow 

B.S. Chemistry 


Amy Daugherty 

B.A. Communications/English 

Susan Daugherty 

B.S. Chemistry 

Hugh Davis 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Mary DeDomenico 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Dennis Delaney 

B.A. English 

Theresa DeMark 

B.S. Medical Technology 

Christine Demchak 

B.S. Political Science 

Sally Dinger 

A.S. Political Science 

Mark Dombrowski 

B.A. English/Communications 

Lizabeth Donnelly 

A.S. Radiologic technology 

Joseph Donofrio 

B.S. Accounting 

Elaine Donovan 

B.S. Marketing 

George Dowd 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Sarah Dusenberry 

B.S. Chemistry/ Biology 

"Wow, check out those new freshmen in 
the Finegan Windows!" 

Roland Ekhaguere 


John Elliot 

B.S. Accounting 

Mark Esser 

B.S. Pre-Med 

Patricia Fazen 

B.S. Mathematics 

Mary Ferraino 

B.S. Medical Technology 

Kevin Feyas 

B.S. Theatre/Communication 


Maria Pia Fioretti 

B.S. Social Work/Lawyer's Assistant 

Mary Jo Fleming 

B.S. Finance 

Timothy Fogarty 

B.S. English — Communications 

it s.iys 1 01 overweighl dogs 


Thomas Foster 

B.A. English — Communications 

Joseph Francis 

B.A. Psychology 

Kevin Friedrich 

B.S. Elec. Engineering 

Therese Fritz 

B.A. Social Work 

Patricia Gallagher 

B.S. Finance 

James Gandolfo 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Mary Joan Gloekler 

B.S. Accounting 

Nancy Ann Goodman 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Laura Gostomski 

B.S. Biology 

Reza Gougi 
Scott Grack 

B.S. Chemistry 

Kathryn Greenholt 

B.S. Business Management 


Everett Griffin 

B.S. Finance 

David Grise 

B.S. Biology 

Lynn Groff 

.A. Criminal justice 

James Gumina 

B.S. Business 

George Guzak 

B.S. Me< h. I ngineering 

Christopher Harkless 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

'Let's take tin- nail oul ol nn hand before 
< put i his thing up 


Deborah Harper 

A.S. Legal Secretary 

Marie Harvan 

A.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Mary Beth Hasney 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

George Hazimanolis 

B.A. Comm. English 

Margie Henrick 

B.S. Nursing 

Lionel Hewitt 

B.S. Management 

Joanne Hodge 

B.A. Theatre and Comm. Arts 

Kristen Holtz 

B.S. Economics/Finance 

Michael Hooks 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Mary Ann Hopkins 

B.S. Physician's Assistant 

Richard Horanic 

B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 

Jeb Hurley 

B.S. Management 


Maria lacobucci 

B.S. Accounting 

John Ingram 

B.A. Theatre/Communications 

Jean Jackson 

AS. Lawyer's Assistant 

Jory Jackson 

B.S. Political Science 

Jeff Jageman 

B.S. Biology 

Aloysius Jezewski 

B.S. Management 

Felicia Johnson 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Larry Jones 

A.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Marko Jovanovich 

B.S. Management 

Carolyn Kalivoda 

B.S. Accounting 

Ken Karg 


Vicki Keller 

B.S. Pre-Med 


"O.K. Scottino! The games are over!' 

Martin Kelly 

B.A. Social Work 

Lori Kilmer 

B.S. Microbiology 

Thomas Kirkpatrick 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Patty Klein 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

Douglas Klick 

B.S. Marketing 

Gilbert Knipper 

B.A. Social Studies 


Stephanie Kobylka 

A.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Valerie Kokor 

B.A. Spanish 

Daniel Konopka 

B.S. Management 

Patricia Koza 

B.A. Criminal Justice 

Marianne Kraft 

B.A. Social Work 

Robert Kraus 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

'Hello, Country Bumpkins!" 


Denise Kugler 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Robin Kunselman 

B.S. Biology 

Mariann Kutschke 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Kathy Kyle 

B.S. Nursing 

Sheryl Lang 

B.S. Physician's Assistant 

Carolyn Laniewicz 

B.S. Marketing 

Barbara Lanzel 

B.A. History/Education 

Daniel Lavin 

B.S. Biology 

Dianne Lavin 

B.A. Psychology 

Patrick Leonard 

B.A. Psychology/Philosophy 

Richard Liebenstein 

B.S. Electrical/Mechanical 


Paul Lorigan 

B.S. Chemistry 

Sharon Lucanik 

B.S. Pre-Med 

Mark Luschin 

B.A. Psychology 

Debra MacKinnon 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Diane Mackroll 

B.S. Marketing 

Todd Main 

B.S. Physics 

Alexander Makarowsky 

B.S. Biology 

Janet Malecki 

B.S. Accounting 

Matthew Malinowski 

B.S. Business Mgt. 

Michael Mancuso 

B.S. Chemistry 

Angela Mansor 

B.A. Political Science 

Theodore Marconi 

B.A. Social Science 


Ivana Mariani 

B.S. Lawyer's Assistant 

Darlene Martin 

B.A. Professional Writing 

Robert Masi 

B.S. Accounting 

M. Mathew 

B.S. Electrical Eng. 

Joseph Mazurkiewicz 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Solomon Mbaimba 


Joseph McCabe III 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Paul McCarthy 

B.S. Chemistry/Physics 

James McConnell 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Denice McCreary 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Victor McDonnell 

B.A. Humanities 

Kathleen McNulty 

B.S. Accounting 



Mary Meabon 

B.S. Accounting 

Marc Metcalfe 

B.S. Biology 

Nancy Meyer 

A.S. Accounting 

Barbara Mioduszewski 

B.A. Communications 

Joseph Monocello 

B.S. Management 

Kenneth Monroe 

B.A. Communications 

Anne Moosman 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Edwrena Morgan-Jones 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Hayes Moses 

B.S. Industrial Management 

John Mottillo 

B.A. Political Science 

Simon Mpasi 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Monica Mueller 

B.A. Foreign Languages 


James Mullen, Jr. 

B.S. Management 

Gene Natale 

B.S. Marketing 

Constance Natalie 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Susan Nedza 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Mark Nicolazzo 

B.A. Arts/Humanities 

Joseph Norris 

B.S. Finance 

Martina Novak 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Rex Ochs 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Gregory Olsafsky 

B.S. Math/Physics 


Diana Pagliari 


B.S. Biology 

A 1 

Susan Painter 

A r^f ■ 

B.S. Biology 

*%* *^m 

Richard Pasquale 

\&> * 

B.S. Finance 

t^^wi ^^^^ 

\ v a A 



Julie Patalita 

B.S. Accounting 

Lisa Pater 

B.A. Communications/English 

Gregory Peelman 

B.S. Marketing 

Mark Pietrusinski 

B.S. Accounting 

Jeana Pizzigoni 

B.S. Communication 

Judith Pogranzni 

A.S. Medical Assistant 

Christopher Potalivo 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Theresa Power 

B.A. Management 

Kenneth Pugar 

B.S. Chemistry 

Frank Rea 

B.S. Biology 

Alan Reynolds 

B.S. Management 

Patricia Rizzo 

B.A. Social Work 


Susan Roehrl 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Ralph Rogers 

B.S. Mathematics 

Thomas Rogowski 

B.A. Social Studies 

Paul Rolen 

B.A. Philosophy/English 

Craig Ross 

B.S. General Science 

Nancy Ronan 

B.S. Nursing 

Carl Roth 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Mary Rotunda 

B.A. Communications 

Jerome Rowan 

B.A. Arts/Humanities 

Duncan Rowe 

B.S. Accounting 

Peter Russell 

B.S. Management 

Mary Russo 

B.S. Pre-Med/Biology 


Gee, this dance would be even more fun 
if we had dates! 

Michael J. Ryba 

B.A. Communications-English 

Mark Alan Ryczko 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Michael D. Sabo 

B.A. History 

Renee Bernadette Saggio 

B.S. Biology 

Dennis J. Samulewski 

B.A. Secondary Education/ 
Political Science 

Susan B. Santagelo 

B.A. Political Science 



Lisa Savelli 

B.S. Biology 

Mary Jo Scheffner 

B.S. Nursing 

Thomas M. Schlecht 

B.S. Pre-Med 

Kathryn M. Schultz 

B.S. Psychology 

Darcy Schumachee 

B.S. Nursing 

Richard J. Serafin 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

Jean Marie Simmons 

B.A. Social Work 

Deborah Ann Singer 

B.S. Nursing 

Carol Sistek 

A.S. Lawyers Assistant 

Douglas Scott Skelly 

B.A. Sociology 

John Slocum 

B.S. Industrial Management 

Karen Leah Smith 

B.S. Marketing 


Sheila Sonnet 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Gail Rebecca Sovyak 

B.S. Nursing 

Susan M. Spaniel 

A.S. Radiologic Technology 

John Stefanowski 

B.S. Chemistry/ Biology 

John C. Stehr 

B.A. Communication Arts/ 
Political Science 

Gail A. Stephens 

A.S. Medical Secretary 

Karen Jean Stephens 

B.S. Mental Health Counseling 

Daniel K. Stickell 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Ron Stiftinger 

B.S. Finance 

Carl J. Stock 

B.A. History 

Tommie L. Stovall 

B.A. Arts and Humanities 

George B. Strasbuagh, Jr. 

B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering 


Gannon Administrators are shown 
demonstrating their blase attitude 
about Gannon Basketball 

Peggy Strobel 

A.S. Radiological Technology 

Dan W. Susi 

B.S. Political Science 

Pamela Susan Swabb 

Certificate — Legal Secretary 

Leo J. Szczesny 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Jean Elizabeth Szmyd 

B.S. Chemistry/Biology 

David J. Tkach 

B.S. Accounting 


Linda Totleben 

B.S. Microbiology 

Timothy Trawinski 

B.S. Pre-Med 

Vincent Trejchel 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Kenneth Tromans 

B.S. Accounting 

Darlene Marie Vlahos 

B.S. Accounting 

Susan Volpone 

B.S. Mathematics 

Robert D. Wagner 

B.A. Criminal justice 

Judy Walsh 

B.A. Arts and Humanities 

John A. Wells 

B.S. Political Science 



Marcie Wethli 

B.S. Pre-Med 

Mark Lawrence Wetzel 

B.S. Accounting 

Bonnie White 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Lisa C. Wien 

B.S. Physicians Assistant 

Clara Williams 

B.A. Arts/Humanities 

Karl Williams 

B.S. Business Management 

Sue Withrow 

B.A. International Business 

Anthony P. Woodmancy 

B.S. Business Management 

Charise T. Woodmancy 

A.S. Executive Secretary 


Thomas H. Wright 

B.S. Accounting 

William A. Yanicko 

B.S. Physician's Assistant 

Christopher T. Yeakle 

B.S. Pre-Medical 

Corrie G. Zackoski 

B.S. Biology/Pre-Medical 

Joanne M. Zasada 

B.A. History 

John M. Zatkiewicz 

B.S. Accounting 

Gary G. Zuzo 

B.S. Physician's Assistant 

Jeffery A. Rostas 

B.S. Pre-Dental 

Herman F. Salcedo 

B.S. Biology 


Seniors Not Pictured 

Paula Adams 
Hosna Agheli 
Edward Akers 
Donald Alberstadt 
Charles Atterbury 
Robert Babb 
Decatur Bankhead 
M Ann Barlow 
lames Becker 
Thomas Becker 
William Bell 
William Bernardo 
Gary Bianco 
Carl Bibeau 
David Billig 
Richard Biondi 
Dennis Blair 
lames Borowy 
Thomas Bosko 
Rosemary Braeger 
Thomas Brennan 
Carolyn Brinkle 
David E. Brown 
Rosemarie Brugger 
Elizabeth Bucarelli 
Noreen Burger 
Marilyn Cairns 
Larry Canton 
Paul Carneval 
Philippe Carstensen 
Brian Ceccarelli 
loseph Chiocca 
John Clouser 
Danielle Combitchi 
lames Cook 
Eugene Criscione 
Daniel Curtis 
Anthony Degroot 
Mary Ann DiBiacio 
Daryl Dombrowski 
Michael Dombrowski 
lames Doran 
Charles Downing 
George Dunn 
Daniel Durihan 
Mary Sylewski 
Frederich Engel 
Darlene Everhart 
Derrick Ferguson 
Wilson Fletcher 
Mark Ganska 
Michael Gashgarian 
Ronald Getschow 
|ohn Giewont 
Teresa Gilewski 
Charlene Gillan 
Brian Glowacki 
Arnold Goluboff 

Mark Grabowski 
Stephen Greene 
Lynne Guagliardi 
David Hall 
Jeffrey Hamilton 
Connie Hart 
Phillip Hawkins 
)ohn Heidelberg 
Margaret Heintz 
Patricia Hicks 
lames Hirsch 
|ohn Huegel 
)oyce Hyche 
lavad (adali 
David lerge 
Wayne )ohnson 
Clark Jones 
loyce Keating 
lean Klein 
Denise Klier 
(eanne Koehler 
Mary Kohlmiller 
Semra Kosar 
Donald Kowalczyk 
William Kurtzhals 
lames Lallman 
Jeffrey Larson 
Patricia Lewis 
Sidney Lewis 
Anne Leyden 
Patrick Lichtinger 
Ann Locastro 
Larry Locke 
Bernard Loney 
Paul Lorigan 
Wayne Lovercheck 
Clinton Lowrey 
Mark Lucero 
Marrianne Lukas 
Peter Paciukiewicz 
Paul Maciukiewicz 
Hussein Malekzahden 
John Maleski 
Michael Mallon 
Larry Maola 
Thomas Matson 
Brian McAndrew 
Charles McCracken 
Joanne McLaughlin 
|ohn Metalonis 
Douglas Miller 
Jorge Minguett 
Gregory Mitchell 
Patrick Murphy 
Michael Natale 
Lamar Neal 
Paul Niedomys 
Timothy Niemic 

Luciano Novacco 
Mark Ohara 
Dennis Olszewski 
Frank Olszewski 
Gregory Paprocki 
Donald Pastore 
Thomas Patmore 
Kent Pattison 
Randall Paulenich 
Robert Pontis 
Donald Purcell 
Gerald Ramsdell 
Joseph Rettger 
James Roach 
Anthony Ruffa 
Phillip Sammons 
Susan Scheufele 
Paul Schlereth 
Donna Shufesky 
Mark Shychuk 
Daniel Smigel 
Rose Spak 
Tommy Steele 
Richard Stiller 
David Stubenhofer 
Martin Swabb 
Russell Swienski 
Anna Terrko 
Ernest Thomas 
Richard Toboz 
Cynthia Tomson 
Joseph Triggiani 
Barry Turner 
Ann Uhrmagher 
Joseph Villella 
Richard Wagner 
Linwood Wentworth 
Yvonne Wesley 
James White 
Paul Wieczorek 
Stephen Wieczorek 
William Wiegmann 
Nancy Winner 
Katherine Wolanin 
Erich Wollman 
Daniel Wroblewski 
Chester Wrotniak 
Harold Yale 
Eileen Yearn 
Timothy Yochim 
Carol Youngdahl 
)ohn Zaczyk 
lohn Zelina 
Steve Zingelewicz 

2 year program 

Janet Atkin 

Cheryl Baldwin 
Carl Bodistown 
Ann Brzozowski 
Brenda Byhan 
Karen Campbell 
David Clark 
Marjorie Cook 
Kimberly Costello 
Micheal Braskovic 
Louis Ensani 
Carla Figurski 
Laurie Fisher 
Stephanie Garner 
John Gerhardt 
Gerardette Grotkowski 
Paula Harris 
Mary Hayes 
Florence Kostek 
Helen Krichbaum 
Michelle Lance 
Karen MacBean 
Polly Main 
Michelle Martyna 
Karen Maxwell 
Christine Minor 
ludith Muhle 
Huy Nguyen 
Terri Miemic 
Bradley Odell 
Evelyn Orloff 
Bruno Pisano 
Leslie Presutti 
Laura Range 
(ill Reinhart 
Charlotte Ritchie 
Angela Robinson 
Mary Samson 
lames Scarrelli 
Diane Sedwick 
Annette Seymour 
Denise Shallenberger 
Wendy Sharp 
Carol Smith 
David Smith 
Kathleen Spangler 
Mary Stankiewicz 
Ranee Travis 
Lynn Troyer 
Anne Wachter 
Nancy Wallo 
Micheal Walls 
Timothy Wasielewski 
Donald Welsh 
Joyce Wiley 
Gale Wolfe 
Patricia Woodard 
Kenneth Zaken 


Parent Patrons 

Joseph M. Abate 

John & Marcia Aloi 

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Bagnoni 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Baker 

Lillian E. Barbati 

Anthony & Mary Bello 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Berklite 

Mr. & Mrs. Julius Bloos 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Bricker 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Bumbaugh 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Cermak 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Cerroni 

Judge & Mrs. John A. Cherry 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Chiocca 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Collins 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Copella 

Lawrence & Rosetta Cumo 

Laura & Don Defibaugh 

Mr. & Mrs. James Depree 

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson V. Dickey 

Harry & Mamie Donaldson 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Dowd 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Dragoslyvich 

Loretta M. Duriskan 

John L. Eastlake 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Eckert 

Dr. & Mrs. John J. Fleming 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Fogarty III 

A. I. German 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glowacki 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Goy 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Gralak, Jr. 

Daniel & Shirley Greenholt 

Raymond C. Groff 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guzanick 

Mr. & Mrs. William Hannold 

Mr. & Mrs. William Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Heagy 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Heasley 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Henschel, Jr. 

Joseph G. Jackson 

John F. Jakubowski 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Joseph 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Kardon 

Mrs. Arlene Klemensic 

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert W. Knepper, Sr. 

Charles G. Knight, |r. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Knodratic 

Mr. & Mrs. John Kruszina 

Ralph G. Lanzel 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Lazan 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Loughran, |r 

|ohn L. Lovasz 

Mr. & Mrs. John I Ma< huga 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Mac kcn/ic 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Maddalena 
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. P. Madden 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Makar 
Joseph & Eleanor Makowka 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Malinowski 
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Maruca 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Martin 
Mr. & Mrs. William McEvoy, |r. 
Mr. & Mrs. William Mclver 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McLaughlin 
Charlotte M. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Mrozinski 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Muhle 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Muroski 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Nesbit 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Norris 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Nuber 
Mr. & Mrs. Regis A. Obringer 
Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Pater 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Petrarca 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Pontzer 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Pucci 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Reibel, Sr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Roll 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Samchuck 
Angelo Santo 

Mr. & Mrs. Micheal Santora 
Mr. & Mrs. John Sarisky 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Schaming 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Schlicht 

Mrs. Mary V. Schultz 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Schwartz 

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin K. C. Shim 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Sipple 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Smathus 

Robert Stuart 

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Szabo 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Szabo 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Taccone, Sr. 

Rocco Terranova 

Clarence & Jeanne Thomnas 

Mr. & Mrs. John Trach 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tutchko 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Valentovish 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Vicinie, |r. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Volpone 

Mrs. James Walker 

William F. & Patricia R. Walsh 

Mrs. lack E. Warren 

W. D. Weissenberg 

Lois Leach Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Winzer 

Dr. & Mrs. S. W. Wharton 

Nelson E. & Margaret L. Wolfe 

Richard D. Wynne 

Mr. & Mrs. David Yan< Ink & Family 







Fostering A Community Of 

Friends and Believers 

Office M-201 


'The Voice of Gannon University' 





Student Investment Trust 

The Student Investment Trust is one of 
the oldest student organizations at Gannon 
University. It began in 1952 with the gener- 
ous donation of $2,500 by Mr. Edward Lamb. 
This money, and several later donations to- 
taling an additional $10,000, was provided to 
allow Gannon students to learn about in- 
vestments through actual purchases. 

Over the years the wise investments of 
the students have returned enough profit to 
finance several trips to the New York Stock 
Exchange and annual banquets. In addition 
to these activities the members have toured 
various brokerage firms and annual corpo- 
rate (stoc kholders) meetings. 

The year 1979 was our greatest year ever. 
Our membership skyrocketed from three to 
sixteen. Financially, we achieved an out- 
standing 50% return on our portfolio, it's 
value increasing from $24,000 to $40,000. 
This dramatic increase in earnings has 
allowed the group to begin awarding schol- 
arships to freshman and sophomore busi- 
ness students, encouraging higher academic 
achievement. As Gannon University moves 
into the eighties and beyond, so too will the 
Student Investment Trust. 





Congratulations to our 1980 graduates!!! 

Delta Chi House 
437 W 7th Street 
Erie, Pa. 16502 


Something new for women 

Zeta Chi Omega 

Gannon's only social sorority. 

A Special Thanks to 

Tom Chaffee 

Our Herff-Jones Representative 

Class of 1980 

Davor Photography 
(, r ,4 Street Rd., Box I90 
Bensalem, PA 19020 

1 98 

&ljnh Serial 3Fratrrnity 

Gannon College 

Erie, Pennsylvania 16501 

Telephone: 814/459-4335 

Dec. 2, 1979 - 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the Sheik Fraterity. 

Dec. 19, 1979 — Gannon receives University status. 

"The Sheiks — Growing with Gannon. 


The Student Government Association is proud to 
honor each member of the Class of 1980. May your 
diligence and devotion bring you success and 
happiness throughout the years ahead. 

Editor's Last Words 

by Denise MacKenzie 

1980 Lance Editor-in-Chief 

When I took the job of editor, I was told that I was perfect for the job. I was 
calm, cool, and collected (not to mention organized). As time progressed I found 
out that not only was I not calm, cool, and collected, I was as far as a person can 
get from organized. It was a good thing that I had some people on my staff who 
weren't afraid to work. With out them, this yearbook would never have been 
completed. I will forever be thankful to the likes of Dave Schultz, Cathy 
DiNardo, Kathy Ingram, and Bill Williams. 

Other people who deserve more than just thanks are: 

My parents, who put up with the stacks of yearbook junk that I brought 
home over the course of the year and who helped provide me with 
typewriters all those nights I typed up copy at home, 

Mr. Babowicz, who supplied us with pictures of sports events and plays. 
Without him several pages of this book would have been empty, and 

Last but not least, my brother, James, who spent several nights typing up 
envelopes for mailings, typing final copy, and doing final layouts when he 
would have rather been watching television or out with his friends. To him 
I owe the most thanks because he gave up more than anyone to help get 
this yearbook out. 

I hope that the next editor realizes just what he or she is getting into. But more 
than anything, I hope that he or she has as many people pulling for him as I've 

1980 Lance Staff 

Editor-in-Chief: Denise MacKenzie 
Assistant Editor: Bill Williams 
Copy Editor: Dave Schultz 
Organizations Editor: I red Lictenwalter 
Sports Editor: Cathy DiNardo 
Advisor: Monica Lewis 

Staff: Kathy Ingram 

Photographers: Greg Fisher 

Sue Vargulich 
Carolyn Weinder 

Special Contributions From: Mr Babowicz 

I nn I ogerty 
Lisa Pater 
Julie Waechter